Vaas met olijven  by Tineke Stoffels
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Vaas met olijven 2000 - 2017

Tineke Stoffels

Digital photographyDibondPhotographic print
100 ⨯ 100 cm
€ 1.345

Meander - Galerie & Kunstuitleen

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Tineke Stoffels is a Dutch contemporary still-life photographer from Den Helder, the Netherlands. She is fascinated by the past and the history of cities, villages or regions and greatly enjoys collecting vintage or antique utensils or glass jars on flea markets. Later on, Stoffels meticulously creates a still-life with those objects which she then captures with her camera. She uses rather delicate editing in Photoshop to make the photo look like a 17th century still-life painting. While her work makes you question whether you are looking at a photo or a painting, Stoffels states that she feels both a photographer and a painter, referring to her delicate editing in Photoshop. Her works can be found in multiple galleries and is especially known in the Netherlands.

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