About the artist

Nel Klaassen (1906, Arnhem – 1989, Heemstede) was a Dutch sculptor, painter, wall painter. She also created drawings and mosaics. She was apprenticed to the sculptor and medallist Gijs Jacobs van den Hof, who advised her to study sculpting under Jan Bronner at the Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten (State Academy of Fine Arts), Amsterdam. In 1932, she graduated from the Rijksakademie and in the same year she was awarded the Prix de Rome for monumental and decorative sculpture. In 1948, she created the Inauguration Medal for Queen Juliana’s accession to the throne. As a sculptor, Klaasen contributed to several important buildings in the Netherlands, often in cooperation with prof. F.A. Eschauzier. Nel Klaassen was married to the painter Jaap Bouhuijs (1902-1983), with whom she produced a series of stained-glass windows for the VNG building (The Hague), that has been demolished by now. The stained-glass windows of this building are on display in the Sophiahof in The Hague. Klaassen was a member of Saint Lucas, Amsterdam, and the Nederlandse Kring van Beeldhouwers (Dutch Circle of Sculptors), Amsterdam.