Adams song by Astrid Engels
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Adams song 2000 - 2017

Astrid Engels

90 ⨯ 70 cm
€ 750

Meander - Galerie & Kunstuitleen

  • About the artworkAbout artwork & Artist
    Lithography (created with stone)
  • About the artist

    Astrid Engels is a prolific Dutch visual artist who finds most of her inspiration in mystic and spiritual beliefs, most recognizable the culture and religion of Ancient Egypt. Engels developed a unique style over the years as an autodidact. She initially studied Italian at University and became somewhat of an expert on Ancient Egypt, especially on farao Toetanchamon. With this knowledge, Engels won a Dutch television quiz.

    She would continue to have an immense interest in religion, holy places, astronomical knowledge, myths, legends and rituals, leading her to travel around the world. From visiting Stonehenge, Aztec and Mayan temples, Greece and Egypt and temples in Southeast Asia to participating in rituals in caves in Africa, Engels immersed herself in the spiritual beliefs around the world. All these travels and insights are reflected in her work, reminding of temples, Ancient Egypt and mystic forces, all painted in her own and personal style. She is represented by multiple galleries but currently prefers only to have exhibitions at her own house.

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