AURORA by Peter Hoogerwerf
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Peter Hoogerwerf

64 cm
€ 2.800

Galerie Het Noorderlicht

  • About the artwork
    Rotterdam 1956

    64 cm.
    Oplage: EA2

    Prijs: 2.800 Euro
  • About the artist

    His education was sculpture at the Art Academy in Utrecht and the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. Peter Hoogerwerf has specialized in making realistic sculptures of humans and animals.

     Over the years, the focus of his oeuvre has increasingly focused on creating sculptures of the female form in bronze. First the figure is modeled in clay or wax, then it is cast in bronze using the cire perdu method. Poetry and gesture are the most important elements in his sculptures of mainly standing female figures.

    In addition, the sculptures are always constructed from an interplay of open and closed spaces and graceful curves and lines, in which anatomy is a means, not a goal. His compositions can be seen more as 'signs' than as complete casts of women in a random pose. They are symbols, as it were, derived from reality and therefore recognizable, they can be read at a glance and at the same time other doors are opened. Here the woman stands as a model, not as herself, but in the capacity of symbolizing a certain state of mind. It is about people's feelings that are summarized in a playful, elegant and lively image.

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