Franz (NamGreb) Bergmann


About the artist

Franz Xaver Bergman (or Franz Xaver Bergmann) (1861–1936) was the owner of a Viennese foundry which produced various Oriental, erotic and animal figures. His father, Franz Bergmann (1838–1894), was a professional chaser from Gablonz who moved to Vienna. He established a small bronze factory in 1860. After his son Franz Xaver Bergmann inherited the company, a new foundry was set up in 1900. Many of the bronzes were, nevertheless, still based on designs from his father's workshop. Bergman’s workshops employed many sculptors, such as Bruno Zach. At the turn of the 19th century there were about fifty workshops producing Vienna bronzes. The Bergmann foundry was closed in 1930 due to the Great Depression. It was reopened some years later by Robert Bergmann, son of Franz, and operated until his death in 1954 when the remaining stock and molds were sold to Karl Fuhrmann & Co.

He signed his work as well with an alias 'NamGreb' ; anagram for Bergman (in reverse).