Catherine Hélène Régin (Ketty) Gilsoul-Hoppe

1868 - 1939

About the artist

Catherine Hélène Régin Gilsoul-Hoppe better known als Ketty Gilsoul-Hoppe was born in Düsseldorf in 1868. Her father was a medal engraver and was her first teacher. Later she became a pupil of history painter Henri Hendrickx, who was a teacher at Bisschoffsheim-beroepsschool in Sint-Joost-ten-Node. Afterwards she became a pupil of Edouard Tourteau and Jean-François Portaels. In 1894 she married Victor Gilsoul, who was also an artist. Together they moved to Brussels and made a lot of trips to the Belgium, Dutch and French coast to paint and watercolor. In 1911 she was one of the founders of Galerie Lyceum, an art group for female artist.

Her work is are mostly watercolors of landscapes, flower bouquets, city and garden views and portraits. Her work is very realistic and she uses a luministic palette.