Festen by Elvira Dik
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Elvira Dik

Festen 2016

PaintOil paintTextileLinen
100 ⨯ 150 cm
€ 6.000

Galerie Van Strien

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About the artwork

The cake is the ultimate metaphor for the beauty that is doomed to perish. Too good to be true. Vanity! A lust object to be ruined patiently . Eagerly we put the knife in, the fork and our teeth. At the painting called ‘Festen’ we see the moment suprême: here a battlefield is created. Just like in the film of Vinterberg. The illusion of beauty is broken, the party is over. And that's no disaster, no! It can be just nice. Eating, attacking food … as a guilty pleasure . Elvira's 'macro configuration' is a wonderful instrument to expose that idea. In most of Elvira’s paintings the destruction is not visible. Not yet. Such a fabulous quantity of varicoloured candies exposed in a paper bag, my God.. Elvira Dik seems wanting to seduce you. Take and eat! Don’t take just one candy. Take the whole bag. Yes, indeed. Looking at Elvira Dik’s amazing paintings you can’t stay indifferent.

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Elvira Dik is a contemporary artist of big, colourful, visually appealing paintings in the hyperrealism style. She enlarges everyday objects, while using movie titles to let the paintings tell a story, arousing curiosity.