koekeloeren by Eric Goede
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koekeloeren 2015 - 2020

Eric Goede

100 ⨯ 41 ⨯ 25 cm
€ 3.600

Galerie Oocker

  • About the artist

    Eric Goede (1948) initially trained as a teacher in Amsterdam and then went on to do an art degree in Culemborg. He began his artistic career as a painter, a sketch artist and a teacher, teaching in Culemborg, at the Volksuniversiteit Utrecht and at an artist co-operative. In 1995, he decided to take up sculpture full time. Before that, his creative outlet was doing portraits, life drawing and stone sculpting. His first love, however, is working with bronze.

    The material and techniques allow him to express grace, elegance and dynamic movement. Goede strives to capture vitality and life force in perfect, vibrant movements and gestures. And indeed his sculptures radiate a certain boundless sense of perfection. At the same time, they are vulnerable, sensitive and, above all, sensual individuals. Goede handles the entire process from start to finish, creating the moulds and patinating the bronze himself. It is a lot of work, to be sure. But then again, his is a metier. Goede strives to achieve a perfectly finished sculpture each and every time. Exhibitions in the Netherlands.


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