Au jour le jour by Anneke Peereboom
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Au jour le jour 2000 - 2017

Anneke Peereboom

Acrylic paintPaint
80 ⨯ 80 cm
€ 1.900

Meander - Galerie & Kunstuitleen

  • About the artist
    Anneke Peereboom is a Dutch visual artist from Hoorn who was trained as a graphic designer at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and graduated as a Master in Art & Culture. She lives in Haarlem and in the Loire Region in France. Her lyrical abstract paintings seem to be inspired by her surroundings, as they can remind of the beautiful French landscape or nature and industrial shapes as well. Peereboom predominantly works with acrylic paint on linen or paper, which she uses as a basis on which she adds a whole range of materials in order to complement her expression and the visuals of the work. She is a prolific artist whose work can be found in multiple galleries and collections.

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