The Blue Cart at Blauwborgje by Jan Altink
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Jan Altink

The Blue Cart at Blauwborgje 1921

CanvasPaintOil paint
80 ⨯ 65 cm

About the artwork

The Blue Cart at Blauwborgje, 1921. Oil on canvas, 80 x 65 cm.

Signed: Bottom Right.

Literature: C. Hofsteenge, De Ploeg 1918-1941 De Hoogtijden, Groningen, p. 78

This work from 1921 shows Altink developing towards a new way of working. The use of the colour purple in the depiction of the road between the haystack and the grey-green barns, the lightening pink in the horizon formed by the silhouette of town and the blue of the centrally located cart, all point towards Altinks return to Groningen.

About the Artist

Jan Altink was a member of the Groningen painters’ circle De Ploeg.
However, he distinguished himself from fellow members by much preferring to work outdoors. He is best known for his landscapes and local village scenes, along with city views and the occasional portrait and still life. At first his palette was limited to mainly grey and green tones, but after 1924 came his Expressionist period when he recorded reality in strong, vivid colours and simplified forms in wax paint.