About the artist

Andries Dirk Copier (Leerdam 1901 – Wassenaar 1991) was a glass designer at the Glasfabriek Leerdam from 1914 to 1971. He started to work as an assistant in an etching department that was managed by his father Gijsbert Copier. He was a good draughtsman and he attended a painting course in Leerdam from 1915 to 1918. His artistic talent was noticed by P.M. Cochius who was director of the glassworks in Leerdam from 1912 to 1933 and he sent him to a course in typography in Utrecht, returning to Leerdam to work on exhibitions, publications and shop displays. Copier also studied at the Rotterdam Arts Academy from 1920 to 1925, where the designer Jacob Jongert mainly taught him. He mounted his first exhibition of handcrafted work at the Boyman’s Museum in 1923, and he was given control over the design of the Leerdam’s advertising and publishing activities. Copier moved in 1938 with his family from Leerdam to Amersfoort and he stayed there until 1951. Copier became director of the Kunstnijverheidsschool (nowadays known as Gerrit Rietveld Academie) in Amsterdam from 1950-52. From 1951 to 1976 Copier and his family lived in a house designed by Gerrit Rietveld in Den Dolder. In 1971 he ended his career as a glass artist to care for his wife and they eventually moved to a flat in Wassenaar in 1975.