'Tree of Life' by Gong Dong
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'Tree of Life' 2015 - 2020

Gong Dong

Stainless steelMetal
270 ⨯ 120 ⨯ 60 cm
€ 45.000 - 79.000

Galerie Kunstbroeders

  • About the artwork
    Stainless steel sculpture; edition 3 pieces; in 2 sizes: approx 3 of 7 meters high
  • About the artist

    Gong Dong is a Chinese artist who graduated from Fuzhou Art Institute. Scarred by the death of his father but delighted by the birth of his two sons, Gong Dong has developed as an sculptor with a rich emotional life.

    His sculptures look like scenes captured from life: sometimes with a great deal of imagination and humour, and sometimes more restrained and contemplative. Gong Dong has exhibited at leading exhibitions in China, Singapore, South Korea, Dubai and the Netherlands. Gong Dong has now taken his place amongst the ranks of international agenda-setting contemporary sculptors.

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