Vrouw aan het strand (Lady at the beach) by Frank Vogt
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Vrouw aan het strand (Lady at the beach) 2019

Frank Vogt

Photographic print
60 ⨯ 48 cm
€ 1.350


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Frank Vogt (1969) has developed a unique technique in the photography. ‘Paintograph’ it is called. He is playfull with time and space in his paintographs. He engages in a collective memory game in which he transforms 'classic works' to the present. He literally and figuratively puts them in a modern environment by adding his own style. Frank adds elements of repetition that cause the spectator's brain to search for patterns that make their eye linger longer. He creates an image that contains tension and friction, but also new life.

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Silla Scheepens, Marketing & Communication Gallerease
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Silla Scheepens
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This modern 'paintograph' of a lady at the beach reminds me of the paintings of the famous Dutch impressionists Isaac Israëls and George Hendrik Breitner in the period late 19th century and early 20th century.

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