Hyacinth II by Jos van Doorn
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About the artwork

Hyacint II;

About the Artist

Jos van Doorn was born in Vught in 1956. He studied at the Art Academy of Arnhem from 1979 until 1984. After he finished the Art Academy he starts to make objects and multi function installations. He works with several materials such as bronze, ceramics, wood and taxidermy. With several friends he is the cofounder of Stichting Plaatsmaken, this is an initiative to give young artist the possibility to show their work for a wide audience.
During his visit in Canada in 2004 he gets inspired by totems of Indian tribes from the west coast and Alaska, when he is back in The Netherlands he start to built his own totems made from pottery and other attributes. Nowadays he works on series of animal objects, where he focuses on the relationship between male and female.
Van Doorn lives and works in Slijk-Ewijk in Overbetuwe.