ZT by Toon Laurense
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ZT 2015 - 2022

Toon Laurense

Original oil on canvas
60 ⨯ 80 cm
€ 4.025

Morren Galleries Utrecht

  • About the artist

    Toon Laurense is an artist born in Venray, he moved to Nijmegen and started to study math and philosophy. After he finished the two studies he became a pupil at the art academy at 's Hertogenbosch for two years.

    Laurense compares his paintings to a choreography, his work is flowing and lively. His artworks can be divided into two parts, an open and a closed part. The open part consists of soft shades that are painted over each other. The closed part is more abstract, thick painted blocks and lines.
    He uses acrylic and oil painting for his paintings.

    He was invited to several art fairs such as KunstRAI and the PAN in Amsterdam.


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