Spherical Vase  by Bernard Heesen
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Spherical Vase 2017

Bernard Heesen

25 ⨯ 25 cm

Galerie Van Strien

  • About the artworkAbout artwork & Artist
    At home we have a dashing snails jar. White, with a blue and orange swag from the foot swinging up gracefully. The three snails on the edge are blue with orange houses. What is there anyway with those exuberant jugs and jars, those silly salad bowls and theapots by Bernard Heesen? Or with those unadorned beauty of his spherical vases, which also are on his repertoire. What makes them so attractive, so desirable? The world of this glass blower is full of secrets.
  • About the artist

    Bernard Heesen is a Dutch glass artist and designer. He studied architecture in Delft from 1977 to 1984 and after that started working at the glass factory that his father, Willem Heesen, founded; De Oude Horn. In 1986 Bernard Heesen chose to be a glass artist. From then on, and still today, he worked at designs with his father and other glass blowers from De Oude Horn.

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